Welcome to the Evangel Christian School International Students page. We would like to welcome you to our community and glad you are interested in getting more information about our school. We are a ministry of Evangel Church. We also work very close with NYACK College. We are excited that you have chosen our school for your education.

Evangel Christian School is recognized by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) as a (SEVIS) Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, approved school with the ability to issue I-20 forms. An I-20 Form from Evangel will allow you to obtain a United States F-type Student Visa. Evangel is able to accept International students who are proficient in English in grades K-12. Evangel is listed on the SEVIS web site Here

Are you interested in attending our school to further your education in the United States? If so, we are here to help you. The International Students Services Office is dedicated to assisting you during your time at our school and has, therefore, developed applications, guides, tips and frequently asked questions to ease your transition or decision-making.

Our office is the liaison between all international students, scholars, and the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), the Department of State, and other organizations involved in international cultural exchange.

We can help you to continue or start your education in the United States. Our Administrators are ready to meet with you when you decide. They will discuss with you the academic requirements and give you an acceptance to our school. Once the proper paperwork is filled out and returned to our school office it will be reviewed and then an I-20 will be issued. This process can take up to a week so please plan early and make contact as soon as you decide. Keep in mind some of your consulate appointments cannot be made till you get your I-20 number, so please plan ahead.

We have welcomed students in the past few years from South Korea, Africa, Fiji, India, China, Venezuela, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain and the Philippines. We hope that your experience in New York City at Evangel is a great experience for you.

Fees Other Important Info. Required Forms Transfer Students
J1 Visas Location Homeland Security Termination
Visa Information Winter Information Non Immigrant Visas and SEVIS Websites of Interest


Required Forms:

ALL paperwork is required to be at the International Student Services Office before an I-20 will be issued. Please allow 2-3 days for the review process. If required paperwork is missing an I-20 will not be issued until the required paperwork is provided to our office. Upon review of the required documents an I-20 will be issued. If you would like to pick up the I-20, an appointment will be required. If we have to send the I-20 internationally we will send it via DHL. $250 per student.

In addition to the above forms we need the following supporting documents:

  • Bank statement (this needs to be the student parents/guardians account) has to be in US dollars.
    *If you are going to help support this student financially in the USA please provide a copy of your bank statement and a letter of support.
  • 2 letters from current English teachers (we are a English Proficiency school system)
  • 1 paragraph written by the student on why he wants to attend our school
  • Transcript
  • Copy of the students immunization records
  • Copy of current Visa (if they have one)
  • Copy of I-94 (if they have one)
  • Copy of Passport (if they have one)

**If your address changes anytime while here on an I-20 with Evangel Christian School, you need to report this within in 10 days to the International Students Service Office. If this does not happen, your I-20 can be terminated.

*If you are a transfer student see "transfer student" section.


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Transfer Students:

If you are currently an I-20 student at an approved F1 school, you can transfer out of your current school and transfer in to our school.

We will need all of the above to open a folder on you. See above "Required Forms" plus you need to have your current school fill out and fax or email to my office the "intent to transfer in form". This is a required document before a transfer can be done. We will also need a copy of your school transcripts sent to our office with above paperwork.

There is a $100 processing fee if you transfer from our school to another school within 2 years.



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Evangel Christian School: $150 processing fee (U.S.)
This should be sent back with the Application for Admissions, Declaration of Finances, Bank Statement, English Proficiency Test, letters from teachers, letter from student, school transcripts and medical information. This needs to be either a Cashiers Check or Money Order in US dollars outside of the U.S., if in the U.S. a personal check is accepted.

Evangel Christian School: $400 deposit - This will be credited toward your Tuition fees. (U.S.)
This should be sent in with the Application for Admission, Declaration of Finance, Bank Statement, English Proficiency Test, letters from teachers, letter from student, school transcripts and medical information. This needs to be either a Cashiers Check or Money Order in US dollars outside the U.S., if in the U.S. a personal check is accepted.

Transfer fee: $100 (U.S.)
If a student transfers to another F1 school within 2 years of attending our school, a transfer fee will be charged.

Consulate Interview: $130
This is paid to the consulate upon Visa interview.

I-901 fee: $ 100
Please check with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. You can visit there site by clicking here

I-539 fee: Please check with U.S. citizenship and immigration services. You can visit there site by clicking here

Tuition Fees: these fees are different for each of our schools. Please be advised 1 full year of tuition is due upon registration (if this is not financially feasible please contact us to make arrangements). If you are going to be in the band, play sport, etc, there may be extra fees. Please see the tuition link for each of our schools.

Please See our Tuition and Fees page here


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Important information:



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Homeland Security Advisory System

flagClick on this link to see what the latest alert we are on and any special travel instructions.


NAFSA - has issued travel warnings for different countries. Please click here to get the latest. Travel warnings are issues when the State Department recommends that Americans avoid a certain country. The countries listed are currently on that list. In addition to this list, the State Department issues Consular Information Sheets for every country of the world with information on such matters as the health conditions, crime, unusual currency or entry requirements, any areas of instability, and the location of the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate in the subject country.


Consular Information Sheets


The primary responsibilities of DHS (Department of Homeland Security) in the student tracking and monitoring process include:

  • Designing, maintaining, and enhancing SEVIS

  • Writing and interpreting regulations pertaining to students and schools

  • Approving schools for enrollment of F and M non-immigrant students

  • Providing direction and assistance to DSOs and other governmental entities so that they can fulfill SEVP requirements

  • Adjudicating student benefits to include employment, change of status, reinstatement

  • Implementing compliance review and enforcement

From a broader perspective, DHS is the collection point for all SEVIS related information. In this role, DHS is responsible for assuring the accuracy of SEVIS data and for providing information to Congress and other government agencies, as required by law.


Other government agencies with specialized involvement in the SEVIS process include:

  • The Department of State, which issues non-immigrant visas and administers the Exchange Visitor Program

  • The Social Security Administration, which issues social security numbers to students who work with the United States

  • The Department of Education, which establishes standards for school accreditation

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B1/B2 Visas:

Evangel does not issue paperwork for B1/B2 visas.

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J1 Visas (Exchange student):

Evangel does not issue paperwork for J1 visas. If you are interested in this visa please contact an agency in your area.

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Evangel is located in the heart of New York City. We are a block and a 1/2 from the 59th Street Bride or Queensborough Bridge on the Queens Side. We are a block and a half from Queens Plaza and Queensborough Plaza train and bus Stations.

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Non-Immigrant Visa and SEVIS:

To legally enter the United States as a non-immigrant visitor, most foreign nationals must obtain a visa from the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the U.S. Department of State (DOS). DOS issues different types of visa according to the purpose of the person's visit. SEVIS tracks non-immigrants in three classes of admission (visa types):

  • F1 - Individual is temporarily in the United States to study full-time at an academic institute

Evangel Christian School only issues I-20's for F1 students currently. We do accept students that have a F2 or J1 visa, even though we do not issue those forms.

A visa allows the foreign national to apply for admission to the United States at a Port of Entry (POE). Customs and Border Protection Officer at the POE will issue Form I-94. The Form I-94 is an extremely important document - it shows that the foreign national entered the United States legally; the class of admission (F, M, J, etc.) and the length of time the foreign national is allowed to remain in the United States.

F-1 non-immigrants are admitted for duration of status (for as long as the non-immigrant students remains enrolled in a SEVIS approved school full-time and otherwise maintains status).


F-1 institutions include:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Seminarians
  • Conservatories
  • Academic high schools
  • Private elementary schools
  • Language training programs

The individual who serves as a link between the student and SEVIS is one of the following:

  • Principal Designated School Official (PDSO)
  • Designated School Official (DSO)

What is SEVIS?
SEVIS is a web-based system for collecting, managing, and reporting information on foreign students, exchange visitors, and their dependents temporarily in the United States in a non-immigrant status. SEVP manages SEVIS and provides policy support and program administration for F and M non-immigrants. The reporting and tracking of these non-immigrants is:

  • Mandated by U.S. law
  • An important part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mission
  • A way for U.S. authorities to differentiate between individuals who are in the United States for legitimate academic pursuits and those who may not be


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Evangel Christian School follows the rules and regulations of the Department of Home Land Security (DHS). With doing so we are required to follow certain guidelines when accepting students and termination of students.

SEVIS record termination are made when non-immigrant students are:

  • No longer participating in a SEVIS-approved program of study
  • Does not report change of address within the 10 day requirement
  • Potentially out of status
  • No longer an F non-immigrant
  • Out of the country for more than 5 months and are not enrolled full-time

There are many reasons a student may be terminated. These reasons are not necessarily negative. For example, an F student might need to return home before completing his or her program. The student would no longer need a non-immigrant status so his or her SEVIS record would be terminated, even though the student might continue to study at our school in the future.

Other reasons for termination revolve around a student's failure to meet the requirements of an F-1 non-immigrant status. Some examples of this are:

  • Failure to enroll in a full course of study
  • Being expelled from the school or program of study


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VISA Information:

Listed below is information on VISA's. If this is not enough information or if you don't understand please contact us.

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Winter Information:

In New York we have several months of winter weather that include snow, ice, and wind chill. We would like to give you some information that might help you prepare for our season of Winter. Depending where you are coming from you may have never experienced snow and ice. In some years winter is from Nov - April. So please be prepared.


I am including a link also to the weather channel pages so you can check the weather temperature at your convenience.


For Long island CIty t:



Elevated Alerts for the United States:

The United States has a tier of colors that the country is notified of if there is a threat on our country. You can see at what level we are at by clicking HERE. Red is the most severe threat alert we can be put on. When you hear the alert and color please be aware there will be more instructions that will follow. This will affect businesses, airports, government agencies, schools, etc.


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Websites of Interest:

SEVIS I-901: or


Visa Processing times:


SEVIS information:


F-1 Visa Information Page


Document processing times with BCIS:


For Legal Information:


List of US Consulate offices around the world:


The Federal Register, to find copies of US regulations and laws: U.S. Government Printing Office Home Page


Center for Disease Control:


World Health Organization:


general Student Visa Information:


U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs:Passport Photos Page Visit this site to find out the latest format requirements for your student visa photograph.


U.S. Department of State Visa Services: Visa Denials Find out what a visa denial means and how you can reapply for a student visa.


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