Procedure to follow when applying for an I-20 from Evangel Christian School :

  1. Contact the school to see if there is room for the grade you will be entering.

  2. A phone interview or a person-to-person interview is required, so verify the time and date, with the school.

  3. Print and complete the following required forms :

    1. International Application for Admission (make sure the name on this form matches your current VISA)

    2. Declaration of Finances

    3. English Proficiency Test (required for all grades) - Will be emailed or faxed to you upon request.

  4. After forms are filled out completely and you enclose a check or money order for $450 please send to Evangel Christian School. Once the documents are reviewed, an I-20 will be issued. We will send the I-20 and Declaration of Finances to the address of your choice (U.S. or Home Country), please include. Items that should be included in this mailing to Evangel Christian School are listed below:

    1. International Application for Admission

    2. Declaration of Finances

    3. Bank statement of family account

    4. English Proficiency Test – Original Completed Test

    5. Cashiers Check or Money Order for $450 in US dollars made payable to: Evangel Christian School

    6. Copy of Visa – if they have one

    7. Copy of Passport – if they have one

    8. Copy of medical and immunization records

    9. Two (2) letters from English teachers or tutors

    10. 1 paragraph written by the student on why they want to attend our school.

    11. Transcripts from last school attended (in English)

    12. If parent is not in the U.S. please provide a written, signed and dated letter of intent from the guardian of the student stating that they will be responsible for all academic costs and any other costs that would be needed while the student is attending our school, including costs for medical emergencies. Please include name of guardian, address, phone, student name and school name and city on the letter of intent.

Note: International students are subjected to the immigration regulations of the U.S. Department of Justice

You must complete all steps of the admission procedure, including those listed above, before Evangel Christian School can issue an I-20 form, as required by the United States government before it will grant a student visa.

If all these items are not received, it will delay the process of issuing the I-20.

Send application, forms, supporting financial documents and $450 money order/cashiers check to:

Evangel Christian School.
39-21 Crescent Street
Long Island City, New York  11101
Phone: 718-937-9600
Fax: 718-706-8669


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